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Spring nuts are one-piece, self-locking nuts that secure screws and prevent them from loosening due to vibration. Hence nuts are used to secure screws in framing channels, cable management conduits, and ducting systems. Spring nut packages include end caps, washers, fittings, angle bolts, splice channels, and other accessories for different applications. Also known as insert nuts, these convert slotted holes to threaded round holes and keep them centered in the channel.

  • Spring Nuts primary use is to attach StrutTech
    fittings to the open face of channels
  • Nut is molded with integral spring and seats
    into channel notches
  • Spring nut can be installed at any location from
    the open side of the channel
  • Highly Corrosion Resistant. See Chemical Resistant Guide
  • Standard Material is Polyurethane


Spring nuts are used to place and secure fittings, such as electrical panels or junction boxes, or piping clamps within channels or conduits. Because spring nut can consist of a nut with grooves on the side that fit over side of the channel edge and a screw hole. Above all tightening a screw in the nut causes teeth in the grooves to lock into the channel edge, holding the nut in place.

Channel Nut Materials & Finishes

  • Zinc Plated Spring Nuts –  That  protects surfaces from minor wear and tear.
  • Stainless Steel Spring Nuts – Provides productive gripping strength and are proficient for strut channels.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Spring Nuts -So immersed In molten zinc, provides this a dual protection layer against corrosion.




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