Nut Assembling Machine



Instant Nut Assembling Machine.

MF Fastener Industries LLC has start manufacturing for Nut Assembling Machine, Anchor bolt Assembling Machine, Studs Assembling Machine, Marking Machine & Chamfering Machine.

Assembling Range : M10 – M36

Extra Fixing Assembly Die  AED: 75.00 Each

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Nut Fix

We are offering nut assembly semi automatic machine at MF Fastener Industries llc. Across a wide range of industries there is a need for nuts to be assembled onto studs, bolts, and can other items prior to shipment also. Because the volume of these projects makes hand assembly unwieldy or impractical. When this is the case, so a nut and bolt assembly machine can speed up the assembly process.Reliable Nut Fix assembly tables are used extensively in the fastener industry for assembling nuts onto studs, bolts, and similar items prior to shipment.

NutFix Assembly Table

Used in the fastener industry for assembling nuts onto studs, bolts, and can similar items prior to shipment, the nut fix nut assembly table can allow for easy changeover and simple operation.

Instant nut assembling machine for anchor bolts, stud bolts, hex bolts, other long threaded parts, or other bolts etc.


  • Dual-spindle use by two persons.
  • Assemble up to 1100 nuts per hour.
  • Drive rings available from stock for up to m36 heavy nuts.
  • 1 horsepower, 220 volt motor.
  • Heavy Duty Spindles and Bearings.
  • Removable center drive.
  • 2000 mm x 575 mm x 800 mm (length x width x height).

Option Available

  • Fully automated version or single spindle version available.

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AN01, DT0036, AST004, CH001




Single Counter, Dual Counter


M12-M14, M16-M18, M20-24, M27-30


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