MF Fastener Industries LLC : 

We fabricates stick steel for on-site assembly.

  • Pipe racks
  • CNC Engineering Parts
  • Electrical supports
  • Platforms with stairs, ladders, and handrails
  • Steel Storage Tanks…….etc
MF Fastener Industries LLC focuses on providing our customers with high quality products and workmanship. We are able to maintain high quality, cost efficient low maintenance products for our satisfied customers.

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A leading in the Fasteners Manufacture, Assembly & Accessories Suppliers & Products you need and more important is our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. We don’t hang up our hat until you say is quit-in time. MF Fasteners Industries LLC also supplies assembly & accessories of All kind of Anchor Bolt ( J- Type, L- Type, Vertical Type & U-Type), Hex Bolts Nuts and Washers, Custom made Fasteners, special Fabricated (Design Based) products.

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