Leading in the Fasteners Manufacture, bolts and nuts & Assembly & Accessories Suppliers & Products you need and more important is our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. It gives important going-over available status of the Industrial Fasteners producers with best raw numbers, which means, definition, master suppositions and the most recent improvements worldwide. We don’t hang up our hat until you say is quit-in time. MF Fasteners Industries LLC also supplies assembly & accessories of All kinds of Anchor Bolt ( J- Type, L- Type, Vertical Type & U-Type), Hex Bolts Nuts and Washers, Custom made Fasteners, special Fabricated (Design-Based) products.

About us

MF Fasteners Is situated in Emirates Modern Industrial Area, Umm Al Quwain – U.A.E, Supported with a 44000 sqft Manufacturing plant facility providing quality products to comply with International Standard and certification emphasis on material guarantee and traceability.

Our core suppliers and to procure materials from European Union,China, India, & Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Gulf & Far East Countries. Our key export countries are Gulf (GCC) countries, North & East African Countries. 

We value our customers and appreciate hearing how we can improve and better support you in the future.

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Important Note:

MF Fastener does not have any Authorized Dealer / Agent / Distributor in GCC and MENA region. 


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