Nord Lock Washer


Serrated Safety Washers are designed specially that makes them ready to fit with the capacity to sustain preload and avoid loosening.
These Safety Lock Washers are extensively used because of their wide application area and flexibility. The concentric force of these washers eliminates the chances of bending the fastener.

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Nord Lock Washer 

Nord Lock washer  which are called serrated lock washers  or wedge lock washers have been tested and approved by different institutes as well as certification authorities. These  washer or wedge lock washers are used in industries such as: energy, transportation, offshore, mining, construction and bridge building, manufacturing and processing, ship building, agriculture, heavy vehicles, and military etc.

Sizes :        M10 to M36

Finish :    Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Self Finish, Stainless Steel, MG.


Serrated Washers which are called nord lock washers fitted internally to the equipment and before a lock nut act as an anti-vibration device to prevent the cable gland or other cable entry device and lock nut. Particularly required in situation where vibrating heavy machinery such as mud, shakers, vibrating machine or pump, drilling equipment.

Serrated lock washers increase the friction between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface. They do this by gripping into the mating surfaces. Serrated lock washers are installed between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface. The bolted joint is then tightened in the same way as an unsecured bolt. If the bolted joint experiences a loss of tension, the washer is no longer effective and must be replaced.

Single part serrated washers can damage painted/coated surfaces because they have a tendency to rotate with the fastener. This risks damaging the surface, cracking the paint/coating and causing corrosion.

Form A (External)                            Form J (Internal)

DIN6798A External Serrated Washer - Product Drawing - d1=ID,d2=OD,s=thickness  DIN6798J Internal Serrated Washer - Product Drawing - d1=ID,d2=OD, s=thickness


All measurements in millimeters (mm)
d1 used for d2 s
2.7 M2.5 5.5 0.4
3.2 M3 6 0.4
3.7 M3.5 7 0.5
4.3 M4 8 0.5
5.3 M5 10 0.6
6.4 M6 11 0.7
8.4 M8 15 0.8
10.5 M10 18 0.9
13 M12 20.5 1
15 M14 24 1
17 M16 26 1.2
21 M20 33 1.4
25 M24 38 1.5

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M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M33, M36, M39, M42, M45, M48, M52


Black, Electro Galvanized B633, HDG, Self Finish


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