ASTM A490M Heavy Hex Bolt


MF Fastener industries  is one the leading manufacturer company of ASTM A490M / A490 (metric / Imperial) in the Middle East, in house manufacturing facility in the UAE,  The Company’s objective is to offer an inbound logistic service for its clients, domestic / GCC  and International markets.




ASTM A490M / A490 (Metric and Imperial)


Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel


EN 10204.3.1 (2004)

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ASTM A490M heavy hex bolt specification covers two types of quenched and tempered. Alloy steel, heavy hex structural bolts having a tensile strength of 150 to 173 ksi.

A490 bolts are more good than A325 bolts which are 120/105 minimum tensile strength steel. To minimize the risk of brittle fracture A490 bolts have both a minimum and a maximum tensile strength specified. FHWA recommends that A325 bolts be used wherever possible.

ASTM A490 and ASTM A490M are  standards for heavy hex structural bolts made from alloy steel. The imperial standard  for Structural Bolts, Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, 150 ksi Minimum Tensile Strength, while the  standard (M) is titled Standard Specification for High-Strength Steel Bolts, Classes 10.9 and 10.9.3, for Structural Steel Joints


A490 covers heavy hex structural bolts (tensile strength of 150 to 173 ksi) and currently, ASTM Standards do not allow hot-dip galvanizing of A490 bolts for corrosion protection.  A490 only allows a type of zinc/aluminum coating to be used on high-strength bolts.

These bolts are equivalent to ASTM A325 bolts in application and geometry, but are made to a higher strength. The imperial grades are made to the same strength specifications as ASTM A354 grade BD. The metric grades are made to the same strength specifications as ASTM F568M property class 10.9. Also, unlike their weaker counterparts they may not be coated by hot-dip galvanization, mechanical deposition, or electroplating.

Because these bolts are designed to be used in structural applications the threaded length of the bolts are shorter to keep the threads out of the joint.

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Black, Decromat, Electro Galvanized B633, HDG, Greenkote, Self Finish, Yellow (Cadmiun)


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