Wing Nut








Stainlee Steel, Carbon Steel


EN 10204.3.1 (2004)



Wing Nut:

wingnut, or butterfly nut is a type of nut with two large metal “wings”, one on each side, so it can be easily tightened and loosened by hand without tools.

Wing Nut classifies first by manufacturing method and then by style.

  • Type A are cold forged or cold formed produced in regular, light and heavy dimensional series.
  • Moreover Type B are hot forged solid nuts available in three different wing styles.
  • Type C are die cast nuts available in three wing styles with variances between regular and heavy dimensional series
  • Type D are stamped sheet metal nuts available in three wing styles.


Wing nuts are used when a part is often assembled and disassembled by hand, where no more than finger pressure is needed. They may be used with or without a washer. The ease of use also make wing nuts popular for applications in which convenience is vital, such as on boats and bicycles. To tighten the this nut, wrap the cloth clockwise and anti-clockwise to loosen it. When starting ensure the cloth “bites on” to the wing nut before wrapping more. Once the cloth has gained a grip it will hold. Continue wrapping more cloth around, to gain more torque and purchase on the wing nut.


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