Hill Side Washer







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EN 10204.3.1 (2004)

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Hill Side Washer

Hill Side washer are used to evenly distribute load in cross bracing applications. Moreover with the help of Hill side washers diagonal tie rods or cable assemblies with welded eye bolts are used to support wall columns and steel beams in metal building construction. Generally outer curved surface of hill side washers allows for a nut be tightened at a variety of angles.

Applications Of  Hill Side Washers:

  • Hillside Washer can be used in Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • These Washers are used in refineries also.
  • It can be used in electronics.
  • Also can be used in fertilizer.
  • Moreover it can used in power plant
  • furthermore used in nuclear power
  • Washers can be used in oil and gas
  • Hillside Washers used in paper industries also.
  • It helps to reduce installation time and field adjustments.
  • Can be used in many constructions side.


Diameter: 1/2″ – 1-1/4″
Finish: Plain and hot-dip galvanized

Washers are used with bolt to give the nut a smooth, even surface to tighten against. When are lock washers needed? Lock washers are needed when the fastener assembly is subject to vibration. Mostly washers protect the surface from damage during installation. They distribute the pressure and prevent the fastener from moving or corroding.


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